While we don’t mind, this is how much money folks in the US are spending every second

Americans love to spend, and we all know this well. What if we go further and ask you, how much are they spending every second of a day, and on what exactly? In case you didn’t know — it’s a whole lot! To visualize the figures, folks at Retale compiled an amazing real–time graphic.

Now, let us move to the net and see how quickly data is generated here:

Click the animation to open the full version (via PennyStocksLab).

In the 777 seconds we’ve been on the page, approximately 17539998 GB of data was transferred over the internet.

Though, more importantly to see how the Internet giants accumulate wealth in real-time:

Click above to view the full version [h/t PennyStocksLab].

By the 777 seconds we’ve been on the page, they’ve profited $1836051, and around 50% of that went to Apple.

Sounds nice, right?

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