WordPress vs Joomla 2013 [Infographic]

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WordPress vs Joomla – the story is almost 10 years old, which is quite ancient if related to Internet sphere. The pace of development is measured in weeks or sometimes even days, so WordPress and Joomla can be called veterans of the web market. These biggest content management systems power practically the whole CMS industry (along with Drupal which is another popular choice).

Why are WordPress and Joomla so Popular?

The secret of their popularity is definitely not the time elapsed since the launch. There are numerous CMS platforms which date back to the end of the XXth century and aren’t anywhere near in the number of users. WordPress and Joomla are both very good at providing their followers with a way to get their own Home on the Net. Additionally, they cut down on the time for learning.

This infographics from Red Giant Design presents the latest data on the key features of WordPress and Joomla, such as: technical characteristics, extensions, learning curve, support etc.

Making the right choice between WordPress and Joomla is a tough one. The comparison can hardly be objective in general, since both platforms are different. Each of them excels in its niche and has certain downsides. To make the final decision, it’s strongly recommended to try out both CMSs. Since they’re free, it’s not so hard to do.

Wanna Switch to Joomla or WordPress?

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Website Elements You Can Migrate to Joomla or WordPress


Migration looks good to you, but you’re unsure or don’t even have your new CMS installed? No problems, CMS2CMS lets you try the Demo migration even without the Target platform installed to check out how the whole thing works and make your decision.

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