What is the Winning Tactic for Migrating MediaWiki Website - CMS2CMS
What is the Winning Tactic for Migrating MediaWiki Website - CMS2CMS

What is the Winning Tactic for Migrating MediaWiki Website

Many people think that choosing a CMS for the website is a half-way done in its development and there’s some sense in such a point. But what shall do those users who want to change their web project tactic and try something different than that, they’ve chosen?

In this article, we will put MediaWiki CMS under the microscope and define what are the reasons to leave it, as well as, find out the most suitable solution for migrating MediaWiki-powered website.

Even despite the fact that MediaWiki has many features to offer, it’s market share is only 0.2%. No way it means that the platform has limited abilities or poor extensions. The market just needs something else.

Initially created for Wikipedia, MediaWiki inherits lots of components such as design, content type and the structure itself. It implies that if your website is encyclopedia-oriented and has lots of informative pages inside, MediaWiki is the best solution for you. Mind the fact that this CMS was architecturally designed to operate huge scale web projects, so in case you are planning to “give a birth” to a relatively small website, MediaWiki will not be your “partner.”

The major drawback of the MediaWiki platform is its programmer-oriented side. If you have no prior technical or programming experience, you might find challenging to work on the platform.

Found out that MediaWiki is not the perfect solution for your web project? Then how about moving your current website from MediaWiki to another platform? Do not hurry up to press Copy-paste buttons! Have a look at the presentations below and learn that migrating MediaWiki can be an easy-peasy task.

Did you expect to migrate from MediaWiki CMS in such a short time? Start Free Demo migration offered by CMS2CMS and make sure that all you’ve seen in the presentation is the reality!

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