Why Move From Umbraco to WordPress? (Prezi)

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One may wonder why some people decide to go for WordPress after having used Umbraco for a while. The thing is that there are some weaknesses of the latter one that might become the driving force of the change. Read this article to find out what the possible reasons of Umbraco to WordPress migration may be.

The two content management systems have not that much in common, and the contrast begins at the core of each of them.

Umbraco is an open source .NET based CMS that is flexible enough to run anything from a blog to a heavy business-oriented website. It has a huge community of developers that constantly grows. This brings tons of useful plugins and features at your disposal. Its clean and intuitive interface is a pleasant surprise if compared to the steep learning curve you should be ready for. You will spend hours studying the system and possibilities of Umbraco. Some other considerable minuses to be mentioned are its being more developer-friendly, cost of hosting (due to the fact that it is a .NET based platform), and some bugginess, by which sudden missing references and duplications of templates in the database are meant.

Unlike Umbraco, WordPress is based on PHP. It is favoured for its simplicity and being a universal blogging tool. However, its building potential is not limited to blogs only. It can be used to build a more serious web project as well. WordPress has a rich library of plugins and themes that will make your site look and function professionally. It also has its benefits at strong security and SEO capabilities.

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