vBulletin to WordPress (bbPress). Tips and Tricks of Successful Migration
vBulletin to WordPress (bbPress). Tips and Tricks of Successful Migration

vBulletin to WordPress (bbPress). Tips and Tricks of Successful Migration

Let’s face it – trying to pick a right-your-size CMS is a difficult task faced by many. There are dozens of CMS available in the web market and the choice of this or that platform may often bring you into a stalemate. If you find yourself stuck with a CMS that no longer meets your needs – it’s time to switch to a more appropriate one. In this article, we will try to look for specifics on why people prefer migrating from vBulletin to WordPress and present the easiest way of conversion from one to another.

vBulletin and WordPress are both great software packages that allow users to stay in touch and hold a solid interaction with their readers. The platforms managed to rise above many others due to the following issues:

  • Ability to create not only a forum but also a blog or any other web project;
  • A huge amount of templates, graphics, and styles (that help to make a web project as authentic as possible);
  • High level of security (both provide all the necessary tools for their users don’t have to worry about being hacked).

In short, vBulletin and WordPress are brilliant platforms if used in the right context. vBulletin is a proprietary software system that might be an ideal destination for community-run websites and forum pages. WordPress, alternatively, encompasses the functionality of vBulletin and provides all the necessary tools to create everything from a simple homepage to a powerful web application and doesn’t charge anything.

In case your current vBulletin isn’t able to meet your exact specifications any more – convert to more universal WordPress. CMS2CMS automated migration service is exactly the solution you need to transfer your vBulletin to WordPress as seamless and trouble-free as possible. To see how simple it is to make the conversion across the above-mentioned platforms with the help of Migration Plugin – just have a look at the infographic provided below:

Ready to migrate to WordPress? No more worries and hesitations – take this long-awaited opportunity and do it right now.

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