15k websites use Drupal 8 already. Maybe it’s a migration time? – CMS2CMS
15k websites use Drupal 8 already. Maybe it’s a migration time? – CMS2CMS

15k websites use Drupal 8 already. Maybe it’s a migration time?

We saw it was coming. Like the calm before the storm. The new version of Drupal caused a real stir out there. It was like a showpiece on the stage, a subject for constant discussions and…migrations. The big changes were made in comparison to this CMS’s previous version. Enough talking, let’s enter the already opened Drupal 8 doors.

When Drupal 8 was released. . .

It was an ordinary day on November 18, 2015, and nothing supernatural was going to happen. Suddenly, everything changed in the very next day. Drupal 8 came to light and amazed everyone with a sensational novelty, calling people out to try and choose the right-of-the oven cake.

Note: The latest updated version (8.1.8) was released on August 3, 2016.

What’s new in Drupal 8 compared to Drupal 7?

Mobile friendly

The customization of your website’s look is more content now. The core themes are designed to be responsive. Everything just depends on the size capabilities of your device. Installer along with the modules pages are also adjusted to the responsive design. The layout change on your device won’t be a problem.

Better visualization

For editing your web pages, you can use CkEditor, which is now a core module in Drupal 8. That’s pretty good, right? Finding a good WYSIWYG editor was a bit challenging task. CKEditor now provides your web page with all the word processing and customization features you want. This makes the content creation and editing more comprehensible.


Drupal 8 took it under its wing, means, that Views now is a core module too. The current extension allows you to create, manage and sort your lists of content. According to the module’s page on the Drupal site, you need it if:

  • you want to sort differently the default front page view;
  • you want to sort differently taxonomy/term view;
  • you want to display a 5 most recent posts of particular type block

And that’s not even the entire list of this module’s functionality. Do you find it helpful? Because we do. Now you have an opportunity to use it at full.

On the spot editing

Quick Edit allows you to modify content’s text right on the page. Just click where changes need to be made.

Drupal 8 is a polyglot

The main privilege is that Drupal automatically detects the language you use, updates and downloads latest interface translations.

PHP Template is now replaced with Twig

Twig is a template framework which simplifies the Drupal 8 themes coding syntax. The current engine is supported by Symfony2 (PHP framework) and accordingly is used in Drupal 8.

Though, there are two small disadvantages

Modules & Updates

All modules needed to be updated to correspond with Drupal 8. It’s probably the biggest discomfort when you want to upgrade your website’s functionality. As for updates, then it still rather difficult to migrate from the previous Drupal versions to the latest one. There are a few modules which allow upgrading your website, though a lot of manual work should be done in the process.

Has CMS2CMS heard about Drupal 8 migration? Of course, we’ve heard. We can even offer you now transferring of your data and contents right there.

Don’t be like others. Don’t be afraid of the change. Check out Drupal 8 along with CMS2CMS with its seamless, automated migration.

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