TYPO3 to WordPress Plugin: How-to Guide [Infographic]

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Have you ever wondered about the number of CMSs that are currently floating around the web? In fact, there are hundreds of platforms available – from a simple website or blog creators like WiX, Blogger, Tumblr to feature-rich and complex web builders, e.g. TYPO3, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Despite the fact that each of them has their own army of developers and followers – such platform as WordPress powers more than half of all market share. Coming closer to the target of the essence, let’s talk about the way of how to perform TYPO3 to WordPress migration. Keep following this post, and you’ll be inspired about possibility of convert with the redirect.

To create wow factor – just have a look at these WordPress characteristics:

  • Over 70, 000, 000 people use WordPresswordpress-power-facts
  • More than 31,433 plugins available
  • Over 2, 570 themes on the official repository, which were downloaded more than 102,260,259
  • 50 WordPress downloads per 60 seconds

As an extra piece of cake, with WordPress, you’ll have a great possibility to run several blogs within one installation. What is more, this CMS gives its users the opportunity to make advanced templates modifications by changing the PHP, CSS and HTML code and create it according to your demands.

Feeling inspired to start a new life of your website with WordPress? CMS2CMS team developed automated WP migration plugins, which aim to perform your migration in a split-second. So, you are welcome to check up very useful infographic about TYPO3 to WordPress Converter with the redirect. It contains a straightforward step-by-step guide of TYPO3 migration using CMS2CMS plugins.


So, don’t wait up any longer, give a try TYPO3 to WordPress plugin and migrate your current platform to a new one in a blink of eyes. To try the cake, you may run Free Demo, and check up a new visual look of your future WordPress website.



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