SMF to vBulletin Migration: Your Development Path [Prezi]

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If you run a website forum and you aim to be in the limelight, or you just want to create the reliable communication place for your business members, it’s about time to think about the solid and intuitive discussion board. Today, there are dozens of them, all of them have more or less featured rich functionality, user-friendly operations, and other additional options. Also, you may choose between paid and free form platforms. As a rule the entrepreneurs prefer to use the bulletin boards on the paying basis, it is considered they are more reliable and robust discussion platform. Free bulletin boards is a nice solution for some entertainment websites.

In order you feel the difference, take a look at the prezi below, where you’ll find all the features of vBulletin and SMF forum platforms.

So, if you want to migrate your forum content from SMF to vBUlletin, with CMS2CMS is a process of a few clicks.

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