SMF to phpBB Conversion: How to Take the Headache Out?

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Running a discussion board is a great chance to develop an advanced knowledge base, create a perfect place for friends meetings or merely the opportunity to interact with like-minded people.

When you choose your forum board, at first, it seems the perfect solution to run a web project om. But when you start investigating your discussion board closer, you may see that there are some drawbacks in its functionality, flexibility or even security system. That’s why it’s of vital importance to scrutinize all the features of your future forum platform to be aware of pitfalls you might face with.

In the following article, we will get into pieces Simple Machines Forum (SMF) and phpBB discussion board and find out if there’s any painless way to move forum content from SMF to phpBB or vice versa.


According to some historical facts, Simple Machines Forum was created to replace an already existing board YaBB. The first and foremost thing people like this platform for is the minimal server sources required. It’s easy and direct solution for forum running no matter what is its objective: business or hobby. The structure SMF has is also quite an exceptional feature – category – sub-category – post. When it comes to security, all the posting actions within SMF board go with the authorization code. But mind, that the number of users registered under the same IP is limited.


Initially, phpBB was designed for its founder personal matter. But a few years later, phpBB became the first public forum board. Among other discussion boards, phpBB takes the lion’s part of market share, all because of its unlimited options and abilities. This forum board allows you to create an application using only the core. Analysing phpBB through the security perspective, it’s much more powerful than SMF. Different CAPTCHA forms, question/answer protection method, too regular posting during the same time, and even automated warnings which prevent the possibility of being banned – all these features make your forum running on phpBB bulletin the most secure process ever.

In case, phpBB platform seems to be a suitable place for having and running a discussion board on, don’t hurry up to reject your current forum forever. Just take 15 minutes of your time and move content from SMF to phpBB in a fully automated way. Here is a step-by-step instruction for a painless and smooth forum migration process.

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