“Everything must be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.”
? Albert Einstein

What is the first thing, which comes to your mind when you hear the abbreviation “CMS”? Well, anyone who has ever been acquainted with the business of creating a website knows just how difficult and labor-intensive it can be. Nevertheless, with such thing as CMS (Content Management System) this action can be easy and fast. CMS or, in other word “website platform”, is a software instrument that has been specially developed to create, update and run a site with ease.


Currently, there are tons of CMSs that provide you with the diverse features and possibilities, which are aimed to manage the site. But such platforms as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are in the top tier. It’s because the army of developers and programmers do the best to make the process of site creation as simple as ABC.

In case you are willing to run a successful site with a simple content and graphic updates, with no doubts, CMS will be the best choice for you. Using a platform, there is no necessary to have programming skills, as a rule it has a user-friendly interface, and even newbie can sort out all the processes. This software gives you almost unlimited control of your web project and powerful potential features.

What is the secret of CMS? FATbit Team have tried to look deeper and create a useful infographic about CMS activity. Just check up it and you’ll know the following things:

  • How does it works?
  • Recent studies of CMS platforms
  • Benefits that you’ll get with CMS
  • Distinctive features


Hence, keep following our blog posts, and you’ll be in the swim of site creation. Good luck to you!

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