A Simple Way to Convert Content from HTML to Joomla

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Moving a static HTML website to any content management system might seem like a complicated task at first glance. However, it is one of the most efficient ways to give your website a fresh start with a new look and new possibilities. Content management systems, instead of static HTML  pages, are a completely different level of website management. It automates many tasks, allows different levels of access, make it easier to add, fill, or edit content. With CMS platform you can increase the traffic, optimize the web page for search engines, and manage your website with ease.

Surely HTML website has its strengths, but content management systems, for instance, Joomla, are more user-friendly, provide tons of extensions to give your site a better look and to add some important functions. When your website has up to 5 pages, it is appropriate to use static HTML, but if there are more web pages with lots of content and media, Joomla may be an excellent alternative.

If you were thinking of moving your HTML website to Joomla for a long time then do not delay it anymore. Do it in a few moments with CMS2CMS.  To find out how to convert content from your HTML to Joomla website in a couple of steps, follow this instruction:

Now, when you know how to make your site dynamic and much simpler to manage in a simple 5 step process, do not hesitate on your website migration! Start the transfer right away and convert your static HTML website to Joomla with ease and safety.

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Valentyna Tysiachna

Valia is a vivid CMS platforms observer, that’s why she found her dream job of marketer manager at CMS2CMS migration service. Keen English learner, music lover and passionate content writer, she enjoys constant improvement and is open to challenges.
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