SilverStripe vs WordPress. A Comparative Review

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Choosing a content management system is quite challenging and tricky experience faced by many. When it comes to SilverStripe vs WordPress – they are both top end CMS solutions that are brilliantly developed and intuitive to manipulate. However, without a clearly defined set of requirements, you may easily be seduced by fancy functionality that you will never use. The post is in no way meant to feed a flamewar but to shed some light on their ins and outs for you to make the right choice between them.

SilverStripe and WordPress are both very capable and versatile pieces of software allowing to create interactive and top-ranked websites within a short period of time. Though SilverStripe has much smaller community and is less-well-known than WordPress – it doesn’t mean it can’t take on the CMS giant. They both have got their strengths and weaknesses and are best suited for different jobs. Let’s try to focus on their ins and outs and to clarify a clear-cut winner between them.


SilverStripe is a pioneer website building provider that has popped onto the web scene relatively short time ago. It’s not just a CMS, but a whole framework with a really big future ahead of it. The platform has managed to gain the love and loyalty of large communities all over the world due to its development versatility and user-friendly back-end admin interface. (Just take a look to Silverstripe’s Showcase). Furthermore, the software provides a large array of tools to get a professional looking site up and running in minutes and start pumping content right away. Besides, there are lots of useful modules and a gazillion of professionally designed templates to let a SilverStripe-powered website grow and scale as required. Despite the fact that users find a lot to like with it, the software has its limitations though:

(Quick fact: less than 1% of websites are powered by SilverStripe)

  • Its power and functionality is hidden away for developers to customize.
  • Fairly small following, meaning less information is available online.
  • Not as many modules available as with WordPress.
  • Lack of documentation.


Wish a simple, yet powerful platform to settle your web project on? WordPress should be high on the consideration list especially for those who are new to the website building scene and are nervous about the entire situation. WordPress is an immensely powerful software package that is currently experiencing unbelievable levels of popularity due to its ease-of-use and efficiency at one time. There is a myriad of advantages that make users all over the world lean towards WordPress;

(Quick fact: almost 29% of websites globally run on WordPress)

  • Unlimited Flexibility (allowing to create any type of website with any complexity).
  • Simplicity and Intuitiveness (that make the software the tool of choice for those who are not very computer literate).
  • Powerful SEO Capabilities (ensuring great search engine visibility).
  • A Huge Library of Plugins (targeted at expanding the core functionality of the platform as required).

Observe the PREZI to find even more interesting information about these two platforms: SilverStripe and WordPress

The Verdict

Because different businesses have different priorities – what makes one CMS option better than the other depends on how their differences fit business’s needs. Both SilverStripe and WordPress are great software if used in the right context. To be specific – experienced developers searching to render complex data, filter content efficiently, or create customized views of data – SilverStripe might probably suit better. WordPress, contrastingly, is the tool of choice for those (either the greenest of users or experts) looking for fast website solution with great functionality and flexibility at the same time.

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