The holiday season is already knocking on the door, spreading Christmas spirit all over the world. People are buzzing around buying gifts for their beloved ones dipped in a pre-holiday bustle. Kids are waiting for that very morning to dip themselves into a real magic atmosphere and get what they really wanted….well until the next Christmas.

And how about you? Are you a gift giver or a gift receiver? No matter what role you took in this festive fuss, CMS2CMS team wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2017 is coming to its end, and it’s time to sum up all our wins and make sure there won’t be any hard luck next year. So, during 2017 CMS2CMS automated migration service:

  • has celebrated its 5th Anniversary;
  • has conducted 6k+ migrations over this year;
  • the process of migration from one platform to another became even easier with the help of  WP Connector Plugin and Joomla Connector Extension;
  • the number of supported platforms has increased at an incredible pace

Well, it seems CMS2CMS service won’t get into the naughty list in 2017 for sure 😉

Remember, that in 2018 more surprises are waiting to be unwrapped and more improvements are on their way to be accomplished. Keep up with the latest trends and tasty offers with CMS2CMS, the automated website and forum migration service, and you won’t miss anything worthy!

Happy Holidays, you all!