All the Secrets Behind myBB to phpBB Migration: You Will BBe Impressed - CMS2CMS
All the Secrets Behind myBB to phpBB Migration: You Will BBe Impressed - CMS2CMS

All the Secrets Behind myBB to phpBB Migration: You Will BBe Impressed

Both myBB and phpBB are considered to be the longtimers on the forum platforms market. Being at the head of the first discussion boards, these platforms have been developed at the beginning of 2000 and now are widely used as the reliable basis for the forum creation and management.

In case you are in the middle of the road between these two pieces of software – you’ve landed the right post.

MyBB is a free open source forum software with an extremely easy-to-use interface. It gives you a possibility to run not only a forum but blog and website as well. If you are a freshman in a forum running field, myBB is a perfect option for you. The platform is compatible with smartphones and can be easily expanded by hundreds of plugins and thousands of themes.

Speaking about the drawbacks of myBB, it’s a little bit limited in the media context – myBB doesn’t allow exporting some file formats and you won’t be able to create pictures project manager.

As we’ve already mentioned, phpBB has been available on the web market for a long time. It provides its fans with a user-friendly interface and quite a simple admin panel. Moreover, professional search features let forum visitors find topic and post in no time. It’s also possible to connect your phpBB discussion board to the websites powered by CMSs like Joomla or Drupal. phpBB opens an extensive base of free mods, templates and plugins which add extra functionality to your forum and offer different posting features.  

In a nutshell, phpBB has leapfrogged ahead of myBB, proving to be a great forum board for online interaction for millions of users all over the globe.

If your myBB board doesn’t fulfill your requirements anymore, make a change in favor to phpBB and don’t limit your opportunities. A detailed guide on how to migrate from myBB to phpBB will help you to make a conversion smooth, painless and accurate.

So, don’t wait up anymore! Start Free Demo migration and make a first step to the forum of your dream!

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