Say Hello to Improved Concrete5 Migration

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Say Hello to Improved Concrete5 Migration

Are you ready for a new dose of amazing news? Here it comes: CMS2CMS has recently made some improvements to Concrete5 migration in order to enhance your user experience. From now on you are able to move flawlessly and in a fully automated way the following entities from your current Concrete5 CMS:

  • Posts along with their date of creation, author and status;
  • Attachments (images and videos);
  • Tags;
  • Content images;
  • Users, user created date, their names and user groups;
  • Comments, their creation date, status, author.

CMS2CMS tries its best by constantly improving its service and adding new migration options. Forget about all these complicated technical scripting – let the CMS2CMS take care of every bit of your website content, moving all elements from your current Concrete5 CMS to the new one quickly and effortlessly. Set up your Free Demo Migration and breath new life to your new website right away!

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Valentyna Tysiachna

Valia is a vivid CMS platforms observer, that’s why she found her dream job of marketer manager at CMS2CMS migration service. Keen English learner, music lover and passionate content writer, she enjoys constant improvement and is open to challenges.

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