A few years ago, users wouldn’t even think that there could be so many ways to create a website! Some people used HTML to build a web project, and other decided to experiment with CMSs. Now, having more than 100 examples of such software, web novices can get confused while trying to choose the one which suits their needs to the fullest.

In case you have your web project powered by eZ Publish, but consider changing it, keep reading and get to know why you should choose WordPress instead.

Ready to read why moving eZ Publish to WordPress is a good solution? 

Leaving eZ Publish

Using eZ Publish, you must have noticed that though it’s a neat, robust platform, it is also more developer-oriented. It requires PHP knowledge from its customers, as well as plenty of time and effort while working on its development. It’s true that you are free to customize your eZ Publish project the way you like it. However, for a complete newbie, it’s impossible. You can always hire a developer, but…do you really need that?

You’ve got tired of fighting eZ Publish windmills? Consider moving your site to another platform, like WordPress, for instance.

Why WordPress?

Well, WordPress is a real web king. It is not only extremely user-friendly but also is very flexible. Start a blog, establish a business website, create a forum or portfolio, virtually anything with the help of WordPress. Let’s highlight its main virtues:

  • convenient admin board
  • easy permalinks settings( helps to solve SEO issues)
  • a ton of different plugins
  • plenty of free responsive themes
  • extensive community and reliable support
  • no coding knowledge required

To back up the info stated above, take a look at this infographic which describes the comparison between eZ Publish and WordPress:


Switch in a moment

Ready to make a move and migrate all of your content from eZ Publish to WordPress? Don’t wait up and use CMS2CMS service! There is an opportunity to run a free Demo migration to get a sneak peek of your renewed project. After that, complete the process and enjoy your happy-ever-after with WordPress.