Real Cost of Developing and Running a WordPress Website

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Real Cost of Developing and Running a WordPress Website

When it comes to starting your website on WordPress CMS, the first raised issue is price. In this article, we are going to dwell on the points that affect total price of developing and running a website based on WP.

In fact, WordPress is a free open source content management system. Installing and using it does not involve any money. But, it’s a common confusion among users that you do not have to pay at all. Not exactly. There are some money-required elements, which are part and parcel of your WP website.

Hosting and Domain Name

Every website needs hosting. This is your website’s home on the internet. It’s difficult to set the exact price of hosting, because there are a number of companies offering it. On the average, a reliable hosting will cost you $6-7 per month. Officially recommended by WP is Bluehost provider. IPage and Hostgator are also included to Top-3 best web hosting companies.


As for a domain name, it is the address where the internet users can access your website. In other words, it is your website’s name. Typically, you can buy it for $15 a year, depending on the grade of the domain suffix.

Design and Plugins

After buying the hosting and the domain name, it’s high time to work on the design and functioning of your website. If you have some web coding skills, you can easily adorn your WP website by yourself. Moreover, WordPress offers its users tons of free themes, which are easy to install. However, if you want something more advanced, then you can purchase a premium template which will raise the total price respectively.


Concerning plugins, there are more than 40 000 free WP plugins. With their help, you can add to your website such features as gallery, contact form, etc. But if you want your website to be equipped with classy functions, you can buy an appropriate plugin on the marketplace site. One of the of most popular marketplaces is CodeCanyon, where you can get both premium themes and plugins.

Building a Custom WP Website

Excessive use of plugins and templates may cause some troubles and slow down your website. To avoid it, you may hire a web developer, who will build your site from scratch or improve the existing one. To find a skilled specialist, make use of freelance exchange. Depending on your requirements and the rates of the developer you employ, creation and customization the website on WP may cost you from $18 to $90 per hour.  

Final words

Keep in mind that all the figures mentioned above are just approximate counting. So, if you want to supply your WP website with more prominent options, be ready to spend a bit more or less, depending on your demands. Make use of CMS2CMS service for migrating your current website to WP. Try Free Demo and launch your WordPress project right now!   

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