Put an End to the Tough Process: TYPO3 Automated Migration Is Here

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Put an End to the Tough Process: TYPO3 Automated Migration Is Here

It seems it was you who were looking forward to CMS2CMS news, isn’t it? And today is the very day when we announce TYPO3 automated migration launch! What does this mean? From now on you can migrate your TYPO3 website to another CMS platform in a fully automated way.

CMS2CMS team did their best for you to be able to migrate the following content with no delays:

One more exceptional feature which CMS2CMS team offers is that tt_news extension is supported. In case you have some content created with tt_news extension, using our service you are given a choice to migrate them to the new platform as either posts or pages.

As you may see, CMS2CMS team constantly improve their work and delight you with pleasant updates. Moreover, you are given a splendid opportunity to try all of them for free via setting up your Free Demo Migration. So, stay tuned in order not to miss any single improvement which CMS2CMS, automated website, and forum migration service, has prepared for you!

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