phpBB vs bbPress. What to Choose and How to Migrate [+Prezi]

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Discussion forums have been around for almost as long as the internet itself. Despite the explosive popularity of Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) these days – forums still remain the heart of online interactivity. If you are battling to decide between two competitive forum boards – phpBB and bbPress – you’ve landed on the right place.

phpBB and bbPress are both holding their respectful places among forum boards providing a solid foundation for online interaction, therefore the right choice between them is quite a difficult one. Let’s try to shed some light on the core features of both of them and clarify a winner between the two.


phpBB is the abbreviation of PHP Bulletin Board. Just as the name suggests, it is written in the PHP scripting language and therefore is considered to be mostly developer-oriented software. bbPress, as its name portrays it, is the official independent forum package from the famous WordPress developer team that keeps focused on the ease of use, ease of integration and fast speed.

phpBB vs bbPress

phpbb_vs_bbpressIf the development of a social site is on the horizon, where users stay around for a long term, communicate with each other and create interpersonal relationships between each other – phpBB should be high on the consideration list. The social features like forum signatures and private messaging allow users to communicate with each other in a more personal way.

If the development of support or question forums is of concern, in which you are trying to illicit conversations from community members without creating a full-blown social networking hub – that’s where bbPress holds the trump card. The basic functionality of posts, topics, forums and basic spam protection is built into bbPress straight out of the box.

Overall, neither software is better than the other, they are just different. Thus, it should be a subjective decision to choose between them based on your goals and skills.

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