MyBB to phpBB: Migrate to your Preferred Forum: [Infographic]

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It’s tough for you to choose between MyBB and phpBB forum platforms? Especially for you, here’s a brief MyBB and phpBB platforms overview with a comparison table and step-by-step guidance on the way of forum platform conversion.

MyBB is a free forum software with a big community. This is a platform for smooth forum management and usage and the installation is simple to do. This platform has compatibility with smartphones and is localized for 20 languages. For customization, hundreds of themes are available. For expansion,  there is a number of plugins which are easy to install.

phpBB is one of the most popular free forum creating tools in the world. This platform has a huge users’ community and supports 47 languages. The forum installation is simple and fast. phpBB is compatible with smartphones and connectable to lots of popular social networks. Via additional bridge you are able to connect you phpBB forum to Joomla or Drupal websites. To extend your forum, there are available thousands of plugins. Moreover, with phpBB you can create your own MODs or plugins.

If you want to move your forum from MyBB to phpBB, migrate your forum with CMS2CMS. With this automated service,  all the data, including post, threads, users, attachments, will be transferred from MyBB to phpBB forum in a couple of minutes. Besides, this service is totally web based so you won’t have to download any software to your computer.

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