No matter, how awesome your website is and even if you have an impressive content, when your website loads more than 5 seconds – you are going to lose the visitors anyway. There are a few other complications, which your hosting can cause you. What do you say about website downtimes or reduced service security? All these circumstances indicate that your hosting provider can issue the needy technical status of your website on a daily basis.

Thus, let’s go through the list of factors, which could be a reason to migrate your WordPress website to a new host. If there are too many client per server, the downtime is a pretty frequent issue and your website shows a terrible performance. Imagine, you have a huge WordPress website, and to test new plugins and themes, you need an experimental model of your site. Each copy of WP website requires a MySQL database. Now, guess what, there are hostings, which allows to have only 1 database. So, the advice is, move, while you still can. There are several other reasons to migrate your WordPress, such as the absence of website backup function or notifications about server over-usage.

Luckily, there is always a way out of any complicated situation. If you are not satisfied with your hosting provider, you can migrate WordPress to a new one. This infographic will take you through the process of WordPress moving to a new host.

move wordpress to a new host

Now, you do not have to worry about migration inconvenience. With CMS2CMS, you can catch the opportunity and migrate WordPress to a new host with no hesitations at all.