The new version of WordPress 3.8 has been released on 12th of December and here we are, CMS2CMS support the migration to the newest one already. So, go ahead and set up the migration to WordPress 3.8. and check out all the fresh features as soon as possible.

So the new WordPress 3.8 has several of the features and all this changes can be seen with a naked eye:

  • Admin design has been rearranged, so it has a modern look now.
  • The dashboard homepage has been refreshed and poked.
  • 8 administration theme colors to select from in your profile.
  • New default theme, Twenty Fourteen which is magazine-styled
  • The view on a tablets and smartphones is more usable now.

If you consider the new WordPress 3.8 interesting, then migrate to it with CMS2CMS. With this migration tool, you are able to move your website from different CMS platforms to WordPress 3.8 in a few minutes. Do not hesitate and set up the migration right now, you won’t regret it.