How to Migrate TYPO3 to Joomla and Save Every Single Piece of Precious Content? - CMS2CMS
How to Migrate TYPO3 to Joomla and Save Every Single Piece of Precious Content? - CMS2CMS

How to Migrate TYPO3 to Joomla and Save Every Single Piece of Precious Content?

Have you ever thought about moving your TYPO3-powered website to another platform? WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, WiX, and many more CMS helpers are available on the market. But still, Joomla doesn’t lose its position and remains one of the top management systems.

In this post, we will find out whether changing TYPO3 in favor of Joomla is a wise decision and what is the most successful way to migrate TYPO3 to Joomla.

But firstly, let’s dig a little deeper and find out what each platform offers.

Speaking about TYPO3, it’s a content management system having its own advantages and drawbacks. Thanks to lots of ready-made extensions you can create an advanced and professional website. Moreover, one of the exceptional features of TYPO3 CMS is the fact that you can manage multiple sites only with one installation. Share content, users, extensions between those sites easily. But be aware that TYPO3 is not a kind of a user-friendly platform, that’s why if you are a freshman in a web development field you’d better stay away from this CMS.

On the contrary, Joomla is currently listed as one of the most beloved and used CMS platforms all over the world. It’s trusted by literally thousands of website owners. What’s interesting about this platform, is the fact that Joomla itself means “all together.” Judging from this one may come to the conclusion that Joomla platform suits everyone, from newbie to an expert. And this is exactly the thing which raises Joomla over TYPO3. Talking about functionality, this CMS offers tons of extension and templates, so you can be confident in the uniqueness of your website. The same is applied to the security and support staff; in case some strange issues happen, you will be guided as soon as possible.

Migrate TYPO3 to Joomla in a safe and sound manner

Do you have more TYPO3 or Joomla facts to add to the above-descriptions? If yes, feel free to leave your comment below.

In case you have been dreaming about TYPO3 to Joomla migration for a long time but was afraid that some of your precious content would be lost, the following infographic is just what you need. Learn in how a painless and fast manner you can migrate TYPO3 to Joomla and be sure that no pitfalls are due to happen.

Now you know that people who are considering TYPO3 to Joomla migration to be a miracle has never tried it in action. Let CMS2CMS migration service do all the stuff for you, and you will only enjoy an outstanding result. Don’t waste a single minute anymore, set Free Demo and be one step closer to the website of your dream.

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