Nowadays, the diversity of forum platforms varies greatly. And all of them are the unique services that aim to provide you with all the necessary instruments you need to run a forum. So, obviously it’s pretty difficult to choose the one. In order to narrow the search, let’s look at MyBB and vBulletin closer.

MyBB is the forum software package, which gives you a possibility to run not only a forum, but blog and even website as well. If you are a fresh, myBB will be a good choice for you. MyBB is a free open source discussion board that provides with the intuitive and simple settings. There are a lot of language packs and extensions available, which can be easily installed. While speaking about the drawback of MyBB forum software, it is a little bit limited in the context of media – means that MyBB doesn’t allow to export some file formats and you won’t be able to create pictures project manager.

With vBulletin you may create and manage blogs, forums, post articles, everything – within one dashboard. In contrast to MyBB, vBulletin is a commercial platform and you must pay for license to use it, but in this case it offers you to develop your site more professionally. Moreover, you may post some message even if you are offline by just pointing the time of publishing. So, if you want to make your website more powerful and professional, but you run your site on MyBB, you may easily convert your data from MyBB to vBulletin.
So, check up this infographic, which shows vBulletin migration and how simple it is.

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