Great news! CMS2CMS migration service presents you the breathtaking update! Now you are able to migrate to WordPress not only pages, posts, comments, users etc., but also set the first image as the featured one!

Featured images are the visual equivalent to the featured articles – needless to say that they make the posts more attractive in the users’ eyes. Therefore, these images are worthy to be converted.

The migration process has always been easier with CMS2CMS tool. This online converter provides you with more and more possibilities and as the result, from now on apart from posts, pages, internal links, information about users, attachments etc., you can set the first image associated with the post as the featured image. The function is now available for all supported CMS platforms, for example Drupal, WiX or Joomla to WordPress.

So, don’t waste your time any longer and use CMS2CMS service to check out the new option for your WordPress migration. Start a Free Demo and you will see that it is extremely easy and fast – and be able to enjoy your new website within minutes.