Have you heard about a new WordPress version? Then get yourself prepared for an awesome news. CMS2CMS now supports the migration to the latest WordPress 3.9.1. Therefore, you can easily go ahead and set up the migration to WordPress 3.9.1 to test all the improvements on your own.  

wordpress 3.9.1 is supportedWordPress 3.9.1 was released just in three weeks after the previous one. The new version fixes 34 bags of WordPress 3.9. Those fixes mostly concern multisite network, the visual editor, widgets and provide different improvements to the video/audio playlist. WordPress Lead Developer has reported that WordPress 3.9.1 has been downloaded for about 1 million times during first 100 minutes after the issue and each minute 10,000 users update their website to the newest version.

Let me remind you about numerous improvements in WordPress 3.9. Over 200 major changes mostly regard 4 areas: visual editor, widgets, themes and media handling. The new visual editor is cleaner and mobile responsive. Media handling is very convenient for media files placing and managing. Modifications in the themes area allow to preview all the changes on-the-go. All those enhancements listed above are just the top of an iceberg. With all the changes WordPress is astonishing and breathtaking.

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