Ready to hear about piping hot feature? Here you go! From now on CMS2CMS automated migration service makes it possible to migrate the data that have appeared on your site after the Full Migration has been completed!  

CMS2CMS Team doesn’t rests on its laurels and keeps working on extending functionality to give our users more and more opportunities for growth. Today, we are happy to inform that the Recent Data Migration Service has finally been added to our list.

Since now on you don’t have to waste time on transferring new entities that have come to your Source site right after the Full Migration was completed. You can request Recent Data Migration Service and have all the data transferred to the Target site without intensive hands-on.

If the budget issue is of concern – the cost of Recent Data Migration Service is calculated as 50% off the migration price for the number of entities during standard migration.To be specific, if you need to additionally migrate up to 1000 entities – the cost of your additional data migration will be $14.5, since the standard migration of that number of products is $29.

There’s no excuses for waiting any longer! Migrate your current CMS solution to the desired one with CMS2CMS automated migration service. Give yourself a peace of mind concerning all the migration hassles and inconveniences right now!