MediaWiki to WordPress: Plugin to Drive the Migration – CMS2CMS
MediaWiki to WordPress: Plugin to Drive the Migration – CMS2CMS

MediaWiki to WordPress: Plugin to Drive the Migration

Determining the right CMS platform for your web project is a tough task for anyone. Some users can find themselves deeply stuck in the amount of platforms that are floating around the web. If you go downhill to MediaWiki and WordPress – people tend to choose WordPress. Let’s try to outline what exactly makes WordPress such a worthy tool and the platform of choice for millions of users?

Despite the fact that MediaWiki is a feature-rich platform that allows to handle extremely powerful websites it’s market share is only 0.2%. This fact doesn’t mean that the platform has limited abilities or poor components. It is not just what market needs. MediaWiki was originally designed for Wikipedia and mostly provides encyclopedia-oriented and informative type of content. If you have no programming skills or prior technical experience, it might be difficult to work with this platform.  A good alternative is WordPress. The platform prides itself on being simple to use and efficient at the same time.  The platform does not expect any programming skills to master and operate it properly. The flexibility of WordPress is unlimited due to thousands of widgets, themes and plugins. Farthermore, strong SEO features convince website owners to select WordPress among dozens of other CMS platforms.

If you have a website powered by MediaWiki but wish to switch to WordPress – you might be searching for an affordable conversion method. Why not give a try to  Automated MediaWiki to WordPress Migration Plugin? With this infographic, you will find out, how to convert all the content from MediaWiki to WordPress in 6 simple steps.

MediaWiki to WordPress Plugin

Still having doubts, whether to migrate your website from MediaWiki to WordPress? Be sure, if you use Automated MediaWiki to WordPress Migration Plugin to transfer the content from the former website to a new one – you will not regret about that.

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