Masterful WordPress to Joomla Migration [Prezi] – CMS2CMS
Masterful WordPress to Joomla Migration [Prezi] – CMS2CMS

Masterful WordPress to Joomla Migration [Prezi]

Eventually,while running a website, the idea of switching to another CMS may appear pretty frequently. Certainly, this is not a royal road of your site improvement, but nevertheless, it’s a great fallback plan that substitutes the option of starting your website from scratch. All in all, you may ruminate why you should migrate your website from WordPress to Joomla. Basically, everything runs into the improvement of site functionality.

So, what you’ll get with Joomla? Behind Joomla’s curtain, you will find the endless flexibility, robust functionality, and absolutely professional performance. Being focused on more advanced website owners, Joomla opens the horizon of enormous opportunities for your website management – constant updates, sundry extensions and design solutions.

How to Migrate from WordPress to Joomla Peacefully

This is how the WordPress to Joomla migration looks like. Apart from website content conversion, CMS2CMS easily and securely preserves your SEO data (migrating your SEO by Yoast data directly to sh404SEF) and makes the switch absolutely invisible for your site followers (implementing 301 permanent URLs redirect). Make a ply to migrate your website from WordPress to Joomla, do this in 15 minutes with automated CMS2CMS service.

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