Making the Right Decision: Wix to WordPress

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If gone are the days of you starting off with building websites, and even if not, putting a lot of effort into creating a website and then realizing that you picked the wrong platform does not sound like a great idea. Nobody likes redoing what is ready.

In order to either avoid such a scenario or make the outcome less painful keep reading and find out why choosing WordPress over Wix might be the right solution for you. Or vice versa. It all depends on what plans for your website you have.

Both CMSs are very user-friendly and do not require much expertise. In fact, you might know nothing about website building and yet create one.

Wix is a pure drag-and-drop platform that allows you to insert your content anywhere and see what it looks like without any preview or waiting until published. It offers every possible kind of support (email, phone, forum, help center) and hundreds of beautiful templates and plugins. However, their number is not as astonishing as that of WordPress.

Think twice before choosing a template on Wix. Once chosen, it has your content stuck to the theme, so if you decide to go for some other one, you have it gone with the old template. The good news is that this never happens on WordPress. You can change your themes as many times as you want, and your content will still be there.

Wix is not as favored by search engines as WordPress is, which means that when it comes to SEO, WordPress is an immediate winner. One more of its unpopularity feature is that its themes are not always mobile-friendly and may look frustrating on iPhones and other devices.

If your preference does fall onto WordPress and you would like to change your platform for it, consider automated migration via CMS2CMS plugin. It will transfer your data fast and safe. In order to see how it works, have a look at the prezi below.

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