Joomla and Drupal enjoy the fame being one of the most “beloved” and competent CMS worldwide. Both provide a great platform for building any type of web project with any complexity. They have certain similarities, overlapping each other in several areas. The softwares are free and open-source, both can be extended below their original purposes by means of different plugins and extensions, both have very active and vibrant community of developers and enthusiasts where all the tips and tricks are shared.

joomla-platformThe name Joomla means “all together”. The platform tries to live up to its name attempting to cater all kinds of users from novices to experienced developers. Its initial functionality allows to create the most interactive and impressive web pages without having prior technical experience. Alternatively, Drupal is considered to be the most powerful and robust platform out there. It encompasses all the functionality of Joomla and presents much more wider range of additional features and extensions. The platform is a huge advantage for those who are planning to develop their web project over time and will certainly need to add some functionalities and update the content regularly. The platform takes some time to get acquainted with and to master it, however, once you learned it – you’ll be impressed by new possibilities that will be opened before you. So, without delving in hard core development features, the main distinction between these two platforms is complexity.

drupal-platformWith that in mind, you have a huge number great opportunities with the above-mentioned CMS platforms, and it’s up to you to make the choice considering your technical and programming background.

If you are currently running a website powered by Joomla and feel that you are somehow limited by its possibilities – switch to more advanced Drupal. In case you have made the right choice to migrate from Joomla to Drupal – we provide you with very easy-to-follow prezi which perfectly covers all the information concerning the data transfer process.

Hopefully, the article helped you to make the decisionto migrate from Joomla to Drupal and provided all the necessary information for painless switching from one platform to another. Now its a great time to migrate from Joomla to Drupal and take full advantage of what Drupal has to offer.