The good news is not going alone! One more platform is supported by CMS2CMS from now! In case you have a website on Classic Google Sites and want to move all of your content and data to a more powerful CMS – that’s your lucky day!

Are you interested? So, let’s check out what exactly can be transferred from Classic Google Sites to a WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or other CMSs:

  • Content, its info
  • Images
  • Attachments
  • Links
  • 301 redirects

Don’t let your site be stacked on the same level for a too long time – migrate to a CMS that provides a much wider variety of functions, possibilities, additional add-ons, e-commerce plans, beautiful themes. Or you can customize it yourself! 

Furthermore, the migration is quick and super easy! All you need to do to set up the connection to your Classic Google Site – is to enter its URL address!

Shortly speaking, invest in your website evolution and enjoy the results! Start Free Demo Migration right now – check the results and make the final decision!