Kunena to bbPress Importer: Quick Solution For Content Transfer - CMS2CMS
Kunena to bbPress Importer: Quick Solution For Content Transfer - CMS2CMS

Kunena to bbPress Importer: Quick Solution For Content Transfer

Another forum experiment begs you to make one step further and try out something new? Experiment, experiment, experiment! Because that’s the only way to reach the perfection. If you are running your discussion board on Joomla Kunena, but now want to switch it to bbPress, that’s surely wise of you to read this article.

You’ve tried Kunena, used it for some time and got tired of it. And it’s completely ok. I mean it’s a great forum solution for those having their main web projects on Joomla, but what if you decide to switch to WordPress, for instance? That’s where you have to think about transferring your forum too. Keep reading then, and learn how to move all of your content from Kunena to bbPress with no hustle at all.

Good But Old Kunena Option

Kunena forum, based on Firebird component, is a better version of what Joomla designed to be a bulletin board. It undoubtedly avoided the issues its predecessor had – there are no glitches during installation process anymore. Though no one is flawless and the following info will prove where Kunena loses to bbPress.

Since Joomla has a steep learning curve, you may go for the suggestion that its forum solution Kunena is too a bit sophisticated to work with. Learn at least PHP basics to use it, otherwise, you’d need outside help to manage and develop your forum. Plus, Kunena fails to keep up with intense traffic load. If you’re running a smaaaaall discussion board with not so many pages, that’s ok. And the last but not the least disadvantage: the ACL (access control list) on Kunena is poorly made, there are still so many improvements to be done.

bbPress: Something New to Discover

bbPress is a plugin-like forum, created by WordPress. It’s super easy to install, and it takes less than 10 minutes to learn it to the fullest. Also, bbPress is compatible with plenty of WordPress plugins which deal with SEO, security, social media sharing and much more. WordPress itself requires literary no coding knowledge to work with, so the bbPress keeps this tradition as well. You share the admin board of your bbPress forum with your WP site, and it makes your life easier in many many ways. What’s more? bbPress is both threaded and flat forum, it supports WYSIWYG editor, and it’s super SEO-friendly (ask his older brother WordPress).

Kunena to bbPress Importer

All in all, if you decided to switch from Kunena to bbPress, do it the right way! CMS2CMS offers you an automated solution which is easy to set up and quick to conduct. Follow a few steps described in the infographic below and enjoy your refreshed forum after!

How did you like the process described? Easy as ABC, isn’t it? So don’t wait up and breathe a new life into your forum now. Run a free Demo before migrating from Kunena to bbPress for good 😉

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