We are happy to share the upbeat news with you again! Joomla K2 import of MP3 files is now possible with CMS2CMS! Moreover, the migration of your images from/to K2 Image gallery has become the easiest procedure ever!

With CMS2CMS, your K2 content import turns into a simple matter. The constant enhancement of our service smoothes over data migration to K2 Joomla as well as from K2 to other CMS platforms.

You won’t have to leave anything behind on your previous website – all your articles, categories, users, comments, tags, internal links and all your media, including MP3 and images from Image gallery, are migrated to/from K2 Joomla in a blink of an eye! This is a great chance for you to feel the migration freedom and pay more attention to your website development.

With CMS2CMS, your K2 import is effortless and accurate – and totally automated. Don’t hesitate to set up your free Demo Migration and make your dream website a reality in no time at all!