IP Board to bbPress Migration Process in Details - CMS2CMS
IP Board to bbPress Migration Process in Details - CMS2CMS

IP Board to bbPress Migration Process in Details

Having such a wide choice among forum platforms, you may easily become confused while trying to get one to build a long-lasting forum. Also, even if you’ve used a bulletin board and got bored of its, let’s say, limited functionality or on the contrary decided to switch from a more sophisticated platform to a light option, remember that you can always change it at ease. This article reveals the smooth and effortless way on how to import all of your content from IP Board to bbPress, using CMS2CMS service.

Now, let’s take a look at the main points why you should update your forum preferences and review IP Board and bbPress.

IP Board Option

Invision Power Board, shortly named IP Board is a forum platform written in PHP language and is a powerful software competitor. It is undoubtedly a sophisticated project, designed mostly for developers. IP Board is also a commercial option, it includes a few pricing plans depending on the size of your community. The most advantageous IP Board features: automated content tracking ( unread info is highlighted for users), posting via email and implemented spell checker. Some of the things this forum lacks: there is a small number of add-ons, the process of theme installation is complicated, customization process requires technical expertise. In case, you are looking for an option to switch on, take a look at bbPress.

bbPress Alternative

bbPress is a plugin-like forum, developed by WordPress. The installation process is super easy, you don’t have to be techy at all to do it! Plus, since it’s a WordPress kid, it is effortlessly integrated with your website, there are tons of free WP plugins compatible with bbPress and what’s even better this discussion board comes with no price. More things you’ll be happy to discover: it’s both a threaded and flat forum, there is a WYSIWYG editor, bbPress is a champion when it gets to SEO, users don’t have to possess lots of passwords and logins – just one for both site and forum and the cherry on the top – robust anti-spam system is guaranteed.

Migrate from IP Board to bbPress

Now, when all the things are discussed, let’s move to the migration! Check out this presentation and learn how to migrate your IP Board to bbPress at the speed of the light.

Start the migration from IP Board to bbPress using CMS2CMS now! Run a free Demo to check the preview of your renewed forum and get a fresh start for your discussion board.

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