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Sometimes we all find ourselves in a need of creating an online community in order to get in touch with our clients in a user-friendly way. In a market where forums need to be built easy and fast – owners are often turning to forum boards to get the job done. While speaking about IP.Board and bbPress – they both take their respectful positions and are often considered as options to evaluate. The right choice between these two platforms is really a difficult one – but let’s try to outline the key points of each board and clear the winner between them.

IP.Board provides a powerful platform for creating forums of any complexity. Especially it prides itself on being able to handle unlimited amount of forums and subforums which are well-organized and hierarchically divided. Generally, the platform is efficient and easy-to-work with that make thousands of people gravitate towards it. However, there are significant drawbacks that hold IP Board back, the major of which are:

  • all the advantages of the platform have their price (IP.Board is commercial product)
  • customization and additional plugins installation requires technical experience (a bit difficult for beginners)
  • rapidly changing core products (they’re releasing updates just about every week)
  • lack of documentation (which is messy and hard to work with)

bbPress, alternatively, leads the race by a mile, being inspired from WordPress developers. Hardly any other forum board comes close to it in terms of ease of use and flexibility. Although it is a relatively new platform – it is growing into a contender quite rapidly. The main reasons that make bbPress unique are:

  • bbPress is 100% free and is accessible for everyone
  • strong security capabilities prevent a forum from being hacked
  • huge library of versatile plugins allow a forum to grow and scale as required
  • active and supportive community offers a welcoming place to go if any troubles
  • can also be used as a stand-alone forum

In a nutshell, IP.Board is a great choice, but bbPress beats it in a number of issues providing more power for realizing even the most creative and forward-thinking ideas.

Not running bbPress forum yet? Then look no further than CMS2CMS automated migration service which will do its best to import all your data from IP Board to bbPress without any errors and gaps. This online migration utility has been specifically developed with an end-user in mind to make your conversion process as effortless and precise as possible. So, do not hesitate any more – read on the instruction below and see how simple it is to move from IP.Board to bbPress in a fully automated manner:

Step 1. Download the Plugin.

“CMS2CMS IP.Board to bbPress Migrator from WordPress official plugin repository. You’ll find the plugin saved in a zip format – extract it to your PC. To activate the plugin – press the matching button. IP Board to bbPress Plugin

Step 2. Create your account.

Register CMS2CMS account by providing your email and password.CMS2CMS account

Step 3. Specify your Source website URL.

Type in your IP.Board URL address and press “Continue” button. Source and Target sites

Step 4. Select Migration Preferences from the offered list of options:

  • Migrate Media – to have images moved
  • Make URLs SEO friendly – to have internal links formed according to the rewrite rules
  • Get design suggestion  – CMS2CMS will detect the colour scheme of your forum and will select the row of related themes for you to choose

Migration Preferences

Step 5. Full Migration.

If you are absolutely satisfied with the results of Demo – Start Full Migration. After the click, your IP.Board content will be converted to bbPress. Full Migration

Well done! Feel inspired with your new bbPress forum and start using all its great opportunities to make your web project successful!

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