Instant e107 to WordPress Migration: Prezi
Instant e107 to WordPress Migration: Prezi

Instant e107 to WordPress Migration: Prezi

There is a bunch of reasons to switch your CMS platform. Particularly, those reasons are platform’s efficiency, various possibilities or circumstantial extra features. Thus, we are going to remind you a basic facts of e107 and WordPress content management systems. In the meanwhile, we will get to the point, why WordPress is much more preferable compared to e107.

With e107, you are allowed to create different types of websites. Web projects powered by this CMS are very unique, and have different features and tools for customisations. Although, e107 is pretty inconvenient platform. It is non-friendly platform in the terms of SEO, moreover, it is not accessible for custom modules installation.The reason for so many people prefer WordPress, instead of e107, is WP rich functionalities. This is the most popular and powerful CMS in the world with a tons of plugins, themes and widgets.

There are no doubts, with CMS2CMS your e107 to WordPress migration will be straightforward and hassle-free. All the content types like pages, posts, categories, comments, images and users can be converted directly to the new site in a few moments. With the Prezi below, you are going to have abundantly of useful information concerning e107 to WordPress transfer.

Now you are aware of effortless and smooth e107 to WordPress conversion with CMS2CMS. Therefore, don’t wait up, setup the transfer now and enjoy your new WordPress website.

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