Import Your Wix to WordPress in a Blink of Eyes
Import Your Wix to WordPress in a Blink of Eyes

Import Your Wix to WordPress in a Blink of Eyes

There are numerous CMSs floating around the Web. Choosing the right one is considered to be crucial to getting your web project successful. In this article, we will try to point out those particular characteristics that make millions of people gravitate towards one platform or the other. Furthermore, we will cover all the tips and tricks of successful Wix to WordPress migration providing an easy-to-follow guide and video.

In a market where websites need to be built faster and easier – many website owners are turning to Wix and WordPress to get the job done. Both CMSs provide a great platform for building amazing do-it-yourself websites with minimum efforts and hassles.

The Beauty of Wix Platform

beauty of wix

Wix is an extremely intuitive site-building utility that allows creating business websites. It was specifically designed and built so that even non-techie persons and first-time users find it easy to master and operate the platform. Wix certainly takes the cake in terms of:

  • Fast Startup Time
  • Vast Range of Impressive Themes
  • Multimedia Content Focusing
  • Help and Support Resources

On the other hand, we can’t but mention the drawbacks of Wix. Speaking about themes and templates –  most of them are really attractive and elegant, but quite simple. They lack a lot of features that WordPress templates provide. There is one more huge negative about Wix – in case you start building a website with a certain theme – it is impossible to change it for another. From the SEO perspective – Wix has only basic options in contrast to WordPress. Furthermore, you can make great-looking websites, however, the ability to customize it is quite limited.

WordPress as a One-Fits-All Solution

WordPress, alternatively, is indisputably an award-winning CMS in terms of multifunctionality and efficiency at the same time. Despite the fact that the software was mistakenly considered being only blogging platform – it has been recently updated, and the additional functionality has been added. WordPress is miles ahead than Wix due to its most prominent beneficial sides:

  • Extensive Functionality
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Customizability

Wix to WordPress Migration Process

With that in mind, you are probably considering the switch from Wix to WordPress.

There are a few methods to transfer your website data to a new platform, but one of the most established is CMS2CMS automated migration service. We realize that migration from Wix to WordPress is not a simple one-click affair at all. That’s why we specifically developed the online converter which can help you to handle all the migration procedure as seamless and error-free as possible.

Haven’t installed WordPress yet, but want to try it out? Checkhow your Wix site will look on WordPress using our Test site.

Curious about how the converter works?

Watch a Video Tutorial or follow a step-by-step guide and make sure that the process of WiX to WordPress migration is flawless and accurate:



Searching for a migration solution that will handle all the Wix to WordPress migration hassles? Don’t waste time anymore and breathe new life into your website right away! Check out this step-by-step instruction and Sign Up for Free Demo Migration! Get your brand-new web project powered by WordPress in a matter of minutes.


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