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There are many significant discrepancies between static HTML and CMS websites. Completely different way of creating, maintaining and expansion. In this article,  we will talk about some important properties and will learn how to perform HTML to WordPress migration with no efforts at all.

HTML is a language for website or other web project creation. Sites written in a form of HTML elements consist of tags in angle brackets. Between these tags there  is the data such as texts, comments, etc. Web browser reads the HTML document and makes it visible for viewers. Browser uses these tags to show the content on a page. Static websites are suitable for the content that never or rarely needs to be updated. However, if you want to have a massive website, it can be hard to maintain it. That is why for huge web projects people use CMS platforms.

WordPress offers you completely different way of the web page building. This is an open-source and  free content management system. With WordPress, it is easier to run a website. You will spend less than  1 minute to download  this software. The setup procedure is speedy as well. With this CMS platform, you can create any web page you want. It is much cheaper to add some functionality to WordPress than to HTML site.

If you have a static site, which requires lots of time and efforts to manage it then move it to the CMS platform. With CMS2CMS service you will be able to convert your HTML website to WordPress in a fully automated, accurate and extremely fast way.

Now, take a look at this prezi to get some information on how to perform HTML to WordPress migration.

Do not wait any longer, convert HTML website to WordPress right now, and enjoy your newly baked web project in a couple of minutes.

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