HTML vs CMS: Impulses & Caprices

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Can you remember code mania? That period when HTML was the most popular web running way seems so very long ago that it requires some effort to recall that it really did happen. However, as in the way with crushes, it was beginning to fade out at the precise moment in which a better web option started to appear.

It’s official as it can be: the technology standing out behind websites has grown dramatically over the last decade, making it possible to manage more complex web pages now easier than it has ever been in history before.

We’ve reached a stage where CMSs are everywhere: on sites, on blogs, on stores, on forums – and it seems almost every web page owner we know has tried to test one. We can see why this might happen – with CMS software solutions website running is a hundred times handier.

No matter what they say to the contrary, both HTML and CMS crave honors. Yet, for the best online performance, there is no better distinction than knowing clearly your endpoints. Not to put this choice in perspective further, but to make a decision now, below we’ve featured just two factors for you to rely on.


CMS Impulse: No Tech Knowledge Needed

With CMS not only the installation process is painless and quick, but as a whole, user experience and software interface are simple and do not require any specific tech knowledge.

HTML Caprice: Customisation

With HTML, however, creating websites requires numerous lines of code, programming skills and some professional experience in the field. To at least add something as simple as a video or an image in HTML requires a paragraph of text typed in the tech language.

When running a website with CMS, there are thousands of design themes to transform the look of your website with one click. The juice of CMS themes and plugins is that users can make changes to their entire website just by loading an extension they might need. Keeping the structure and the content unchanged, the headers, colors, and other graphic elements can all be modified.

However, coding with HTML or CSS provides limitless control over the design of any website. Using CMS, you might find a great theme, whereas operating HTML, you’ve got the space to create greatness of your own.

To find a more in-depth list of reasons on HTML vs CMS, check out our article related to the point.

Finally, when solving the HTML vs CMS equation, mind your goals and the level of your tech background.

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