HTML to WordPress Migration. Need Help?
HTML to WordPress Migration. Need Help?

HTML to WordPress Migration. Need Help? (Prezi)

One can build a decent website both using HTML and WordPress. The matter is that the effort and skills needed are different in each case. Why would anyone choose WordPress over HTML? How to migrate from HTML to WordPress, once decided?
First of all, let us take a closer look at both ways of website building.
HTML means typing the codes yourself. Sounds horrifying for a newbie, but it is actually not that bad. HTML is not too difficult to understand and use for those who are willing to learn. If you are not excited about learning and prefer taking the easy way out, WordPress is a better option for you.
Depending on how often you plan to update your website, both HTML and WordPress may work fine. Frequent updates would be much more painful in HTML, for endless code editing does not bring enthusiasm and eagerness into the day. In contrast to this, a static site with a few pages and fixed content would lead a happy, quiet life in the suburbs of HTML.
A great advantage of WordPress is its plugin marketplace that is updated almost daily. Tools of different kinds can add much style and functionality to your website. Of course, you could do it with HTML, but it would take hours to write the code and correct random mistakes.
As to security, this time one point goes to HTML. It is much easier to hack a website that is not individually coded. However, there are WordPress security plugins that will help you stand guard.
Speaking about SEO, WordPress is a pure win, as it has it integrated. You could optimize your site yourself, but to do this you have to know how to do it and be willing to dedicate time to that.
With all the written above kept in mind, let us move to the conclusion. WordPress comes out on top, but only you decide whether you want to move to it or not. In case you have decided to opt for it, give a try to automated migration with CMS2CMS plugin. It will do the work fast and precisely. You can try it before the actual migration for free by running your Demo Migration and see the service in action. See the prezi below and find out how to migrate your website from HTML to WordPress in a few easy steps.

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