HTML to Joomla. All the WHYs and HOWs of Successful Migration

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If you are in the middle of deciding between a “traditional” static HTML-based website or more dynamic Joomla – keep reading. The article takes you through the main features of each software for you to realize why Joomla has become the platform of choice for millions of users over the past decades while HTML-powered websites look somewhat obsolete and outdated.

Generally, users often find a lot to like with HTML. It is considered to be an optimal way to go in case you wish to pack your website with a small amount of information with no need in further regular updating. However, like with any platform, there are some drawbacks that make many users leave the platform giving a preference to Joomla:

  • To expand HTML websites is time- and money-intensive endeavor;
  • Strong programming skills are required not only to master, but even to update the content or make some changes to it;
  • Content can be added only manually, page by page, that , consequently, requires a fortune to be spent.

In case you don’t know HTML-language and are pretty tired of money investing in order to make even the smallest changes – Joomla is certainly the way to go. It is a full-featured CMS that is widely used for creating amazing do-it-yourself websites of different types. Joomla is better positioned than HTML in terms of:

  • security issues
  • vast collection of features and templates
  • SEO capabilities
  • unlimited functionality

Following its best tradition to be miles ahead than other services, CMS2CMS presents very easy-to-follow prezi for you to see how simple it is to convert HTML-powered websites to Joomla.

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