How to Move from Tumblr to a New Platform in 2020

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If the question “How to import my Tumblr blog to WordPress (or any other CMS platform)?” is on the top of your head, this article is right for you. Time is going, more and more content is being created, the blog is growing up. One day you recognize that the Tumblr platform is not enough for you. It doesn’t provide its users with total control over the content. That platform is a perfect option for those users who want their followers to be a group of close friends. But Tumblr doesn’t meet the needs of creators who want more. Using CMS2CMS, you can easily and quickly import all of the content from your Tumblr blog to any other CMS platform. So here is the step-by-step instruction of migration from Tumblr to WordPress, for example.


 1. Create an account or Sign In via Facebook or Google



2. Select your current CMS platform – Tumblr

We are starting from Free Trial! You can choose Fully assisted migration, by the way. Our tech team will do everything instead of you! But let’s go back. Here you have to enter your site URL address. Copy it in your Tumblr Blog’s Settings. It’s important! the link has to look like this: 

3. Enter your login and password

Don’t be afraid – it’s safe, we take security very seriously. You can read about it at our Security Policy. We need an email and password to connect to your account and to have access to migrate your content.


4. After that, we have to select a new CMS platform

You can choose whatever you want! In this instruction, we will migrate to WordPress because it is one of the best CMS – it gives total control of the content! So here are two ways: you can check out migration results on your new existing site, in case you have one. Or you can move to our Test Site if you haven’t another yet. In case you have a new one – enter its URL Adress.

5. Download the Connector Plugin

It is necessary to make migration happen. That’s how the connection is establishing. 


6. Proceed Installation

Go to the WordPress admin panel. Here, in the plugins page, press ‘Add New’ and upload the file you have downloaded previously. Press ‘Install Now’.


7. Activation

After installing, you have to ‘Activate’ CMS2CMS Connector plugin.


8. Click ‘CMS2CMS Connector’

You are almost there! Now you need to click ‘CMS2CMS Connector’ like it is showed on the screen below.


9. Sign in here again into your CMS2CMS account and press ‘Proceed’

This action will bring you back to the CMS2CMS website.


10. Click the ‘Continue’ button

The connection is established.


11. Select the Entities

That you want to import and type of content you want to transfer your posts in.


12. Finally, we can Start Free Demo migration!

At this step, you are able to select additional options if you wish. Or you can skip demo and migrate all data.  


13. Done! Now you can check out the results!

During demo migration, you can see part of your data. Here are two tables: in the first one, you can see the number of imported content. On the second – highlighted in blue – are clickable links. Here you can compare the previous appearance of your website and the new one. 


14. If you are satisfied – don’t waste your time, start your complete migration


Like we said – it’s super easy and quick! CMS2CMS is a perfect tool for you. Import your Tumblr to WordPress and let your blog grow much faster! In case you still have any questions – we are always here to help you!

Press HERE to start your Demo migration.

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