Switching a website from a good old CMS platform to a new one can feel like a leap into the unknown. Everything you got used to, will vanish, and you’ll have to learn a lot of new things. However, it is often important to make change, especially when it comes to website development. 

In case you ever considered switching from or to MediaWiki, today is your lucky day! Right now, CMS2CMS is pleased to announce improved MediaWiki migration, especially we added a new version of this very CMS to the support. 🤩🤩🤩

Let’s go to the details: 

  1. Migration of MediaWiki 1.35 is available. That means if you are running a website on older versions of MediaWiki but want to update it to the latest version, or even move to a totally new CMS platform – automated website migration is at your disposal. 

Just create CMS2CMS account, indicate a current and a new CMS platform, select the content you want to transfer and let the process of automated migration begin. Btw, you are also given an option to run a Free Demo move before complete MediaWiki migration. This allows you to preview the possible result, estimate the price and see how the process goes. 

  1. Comments migration from or to MediaWiki CMS was added to the support. Provided that you have Extension:Comments installed on your current or new MediaWiki platform, all comments will be successfully transferred in an automated way. No copy pasting is needed, can you imagine? 😲

Forget about time and effort-consuming technical procedures of migrating your MediaWiki website, and rely on the CMS2CMS service. We will transfer every single bit of your website content accurately and carefully. Make sure yourself right now; be one of the first to try improved MediaWiki migration and set Free Demo MediaWiki migration in action! Keep following CMS2CMS updates – we have a lot of improvements to be announced.