Again and again, CMS2CMS team opens new opportunities to make the process of CMS migration even simpler. And today we are happy to announce the support of the automated phpBB migration. Yes, you got it right! From now on every user can migrate its forum TO and FROM phpBB in a fully automated way!

Btw, we have launched the support of two versions at one blow: phpBB 2.x and phpBB 3.x so that you are able to migrate your forum without no hitches with formats.

So what data you will get migrated to/from phpBB when using CMS2CMS service:
  • Users, here also go users avatars, bookmarks, custom fields, “friends and foes” section;
  • Forums;
  • Topics, along with polls, icons and watchers;
  • Posts, including images, links, attachments (PDF, MP3, CSV, TXT, etc.) and smiles.

Got intrigued? Do not wait a minute anymore, start with Free Demo Migration and have a look at your new phpBB forum. And of course follow our latest news, because more improvements are yet to come!