It’s incredibly invigorating to bring good news to you, so it has become a tradition here at CMS2CMS.  So today, we announce – and encourage you to try out – the hot new feature of migration: attachments import, which is available when moving from WordPress, K2 Joomla and Drupal 5.x-6.x!

What is meant by attachment? Basically, it’s a media file, most commonly an image (photo), video or audio, but also this might be a document, spreadsheet etc that is attached to your post.

This feature makes sharing with your website visitors much easier, since you can attach any type of media right within your post and enable users to download it to their PC. This is the reason we worked hard to let you take attachments along when moving to a new CMS platform – and now this feature is ready to go!  So, after the migration, you won’t have to reupload the media files, the only thing needed is enable this functionality on your new platform.

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