Flawless b2evolution to WordPress Migration. Prezi – CMS2CMS
Flawless b2evolution to WordPress Migration. Prezi – CMS2CMS

Flawless b2evolution to WordPress Migration. Prezi

We live in the era of internet technologies. Now it is a common thing to be registered in several social networks and have a blog. A lot of companies all over the world use blogs to interact with their customers and engage newcomers. That is why the question of the proper CMS is very actual. Before you choose the platform, you have to clarify the main purpose of running a blog. This will surely make your search of CMS much easier.

There are solutions that include all the necessary functions to start a blog and run it without much difficulties. Let’s take a closer look at two players of the CMS market – b2evolution and WordPress. Both platforms are open source, and provide great opportunities for customization. Despite all the advantages associated with b2evolution – the platform is less popular than WordPress, and here are some reasons for that:

  • only 200 plugins are available
  • The platform has outdated user interface
  • b2evolution doesn’t have a huge and helpful community like WordPress.

Talking about WordPress, it is indisputably the most popular CMS out there that powers more than 22% of the Web. The main advantages of WordPress that make millions of users all over the world lean towards the platform are:

countless plugins and themes

  • SEO friendliness
  • user friendliness
  • strong community
  • easy installation.

All these benefits allow users feel comfortable running a WordPress-based website and concentrate on their business instead of platform maintenance. If you are currently using b2evolution and want to extend the functionality of your blog, it’s a perfect time to move to WordPress. Go on reading and find out with the help of Prezi how you can move your blog from b2evolution to WordPress easily.

Now you know the main benefits of WP. So, don’t hesitate and perform b2evolution to WordPress migration easily and quickly with CMS2CMS.

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