Are you ready for the new portion of a breathtaking news? CMS2CMS is pleased to inform you that it is moving to HTTPS.

You have definitely seen an ‘https’ in the URL address of a website. But have you ever wonder what it stands for? So, HTTPS means ‘Hyper Text Transfer Protocol’ with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). In other words, it allows secure ecommerce transactions.

HTTPS, SSLSo, what will you get from this change? You should know that ‘https’ in front of the URL address provides more secure connection. All that happens on the website is between you and this site. It is a vital feature when you need your data and personal information to be safe.

As you know, CMS2CMS automated forum and website migration service offers you the opportunity to convert/ your content from one CMS to another but you should pay for it. You will have to specify your username and password to begin the site or forum migration. So, here where the necessity of this protocol begins. So, pay attention on the website address if there is an HTTPS in front of the URL, then it means that you are in a secure session and there is no need to worry about your personal information.

Now your data is protected even more than ever. So, feel confident to use CMS2CMS automated website and forum migration service.