Faster than Light: Migration to Joomla with Connector Extension [+Video] – CMS2CMS
Faster than Light: Migration to Joomla with Connector Extension [+Video] – CMS2CMS

Faster than Light: Migration to Joomla with Connector Extension [+Video]

Made up your mind regarding migration to Joomla but you are afraid that the process will be too tedious and winding? Keep calm and use Connector Extension, designed by CMS2CMS, the automated website, and forum migration service, to move your website smoothly and harmlessly.

The migration has never been so simple! With a help of this extension, the automated migration will be conducted with a speed of light because it requires neither copypasting nor coding expertise and what is even better no software to install.

Connector Extension is created to establish the connection between your Existing site and New Joomla site in order to move all of your content with ease. You will reach your goal within 15 minutes, following 6 simple steps.

First, create an account on CMS2CMS or in case you already have one, simply log in. Then specify the type of the CMS you use and provide URL of your existing website. After that, indicate the platform you want to move to (Joomla in this case) and type the New website URL. Then the only thing left to do is download and install the Connector Extension and specify what data you are willing to transfer.

Easy as ABC, isn’t it? For more detailed instruction, watch our video tutorial on how to migrate to Joomla platform with the help of Connector Extension and get your fresh website preserving all your stuffing and SEO juice.


Watch this informative video on how to change your CMS platform with the help of CMS2CMS Connector Plugin:

If you don’t like watching the video or need more instructions please continue reading.

How it works

1. The process of migration starts with registration or, in case you’ve already used CMS2CMS service, logging in. You are also able to sign in via social media such as Facebook or Google+.

migrate to Joomla

2. Select the type of your current CMS platform and specify the website URL. Done? Press “Verify connection” button and go ahead.

migrate to Joomla

3. Now, choose Joomla as your Target CMS platform and provide its URL. In case, you don’t have your Joomla website installed yet, you can try Migration to CMS2CMS Test Site

On the box below, you will see the “Download Connector Plugin” button. You will be asked to save the file to your local computer. It will be saved in a zip format containing cms2cms-connector-extension folder.

migrate to Joomla

4. Upload the CMS2CMS Connector Extension to your Joomla site.

Select Control Panel -> Extensions -> Manage -> Install -> Choose the file from your computer -> Upload and Install.

migrate to Joomla

5. Click on the CMS2CMS Connector Extension and log into CMS2CMS.

migrate to Joomla

6. Run Free Demo Migration.

Before migrating to Joomla, CMS2CMS service offers you to preview the future look of your website and run Free Demo migration. Choose the Entities and needed additional options you are going to migrate. In case you want to migrate all your data without Demo, you may skip this step.

migrate to Joomla

7. Start a Complete Transfer to Joomla.

Before starting a complete migration to WordPress, you can check the Free Demo result. Press the button “Details” and you will see how your migrated posts look like on the new CMS platform. If you are satisfied with the result, you may complete the migration.

migrate to Joomla

8. Check the results!

migrate to Joomla

That’s it! Now you are a happy owner of a Joomla-powered website.

Don’t waste any minute longer and try our free Demo migration to get a sneak peek of your new website. If you have some more questions to ask, feel free to leave the comments in the section below.

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