e107 to WordPress Migration Plugin: Actionable Advice – CMS2CMS
e107 to WordPress Migration Plugin: Actionable Advice – CMS2CMS

e107 to WordPress Migration Plugin: Actionable Advice

Running a website powered by e107? Let’s try to dive deeper in our feelings, and answer the question – Am I satisfied with it? In case, there are any doubts, don’t wait up, as important factor is just to move on. With that in mind, you are welcome to have a look at this post, which consists of comprehensive overview of e107 and WordPress CMSs, and as an additional gift – how-to guide of migration across these two platforms with the help of plugin.

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e107 is an open source software that is aimed at developing and managing your web projects. Web projects powered by this CMS are very unique, and are packed with a lot of features and add-ons for customization. However, e107 offers its followers just 165 themes – while WP, to the contrary has more than 2,100). Furthermore, managing this CMS is not one-click affair and you should have extra coding expertise as there’s no drag-and-drop feature.

So, Who Is WordPress For?

At first, some bright facts about WP:

  • It offers more than 27,622 modules and plugins
  • There are 50 downloads of WP per a second, and 128 plugins downloads for WordPress
  • Akismet – WP plugin that was downloaded more that 20, 862, 731

Wish to know more? WordPress – is one of the most used open source content management systems, which offers you almost unlimited space for creating websites of any type and complexity. WP is extremely user-friendly friendly CMS and even people without any practice in web sphere can develop and manage an amazing do-it-yourself site.

So, if your current CMS is e107, but you wish to switch to WP – follow this step-by-step instruction, and you will be able to migrate to WordPress in 15 min.


Hence, from now on, you know how to perform e107 to WordPress migration using CMS2CMS migration plugin. So, don’t wait up, go to WP plugins directory, pick up needles plugin and enjoy the result!

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